Life is a Sport. Join the Game TODAY!

Endurance, teamwork, strength…….

These words and more mold the BIG “5” on the front of this 5th year Anniversary catalog.  These powerful words are made even stronger when molded together, much like the strength found in uniting our members, community, and our staff in celebrating the past and moving into the future.  We support your healthy lifestyle and together we strive for a healthier community.

We invite you to join us in October to celebrate 5 years at LifePlex.  You will see the BIG 5 often in contests, membership offerings, and t-shirts.  In this 5th year we continue to strive to be deserving of a 5 star rating for your experience at Fitness Forum and LifePlex.  We believe in your potential and that’s what motivates us to help you reach your goal.

We hope you are as excited as we are to be able to offer you a value added membership this season.  This new offering is designed to change your life and help you make your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and never turn back.  With a year commitment you will receive with your membership 5 services for body, mind, and spirit wellness.  Some things in life we just have to experience and we hope you will find that experience of better health right here.
Success stories are the blood in our veins.  We’d love to hear yours.  By now you know Morgan Uceny, our local Olympian.  Morgan was featured with some of you and the Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness staff in a LifePlex promotional video in 2009.  We didn’t know then of her successes we would celebrate today.  Many of you, all though you may not be on world news, have come just as far from an illness or lifestyle that was on a downward spiral.  I encourage you to reach for your God given potential.  There’s no time like today to make the next step.

What shines out beyond today to link yesterday to tomorrow?  Look at who you want to be, what you want to do, where you want to go, who you want to serve.  We hope we will be in your future.  Fitness Forum started as a risky dream in a town with no fitness facilities and very few medical services.  Today Fitness Forum  is one of only 1000 medical fitness facilities in the United States, unique in a small town and one of a few privately owned.  As we move beyond this 5 year mark, we hope to win your heart, not for our size and uniqueness, but because we have made a difference in your life and in the community.  With overweight statistics soaring to 67% of the population and lifestyle disease predicted to shorten this generation’s lifespan, we are here to turn those facts around.  Without health and energy, your work and play, dreams and purpose lose something very important – you!

Stay with us, stay healthy, “run with endurance the race that is set before us” and when the end of each day comes you will look forward to tomorrow.

Mary Holm, Owner and General Manager of Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness at LifePlex




Hello All,

This will be the final post for the Summer 2012 Run Club. We are down to the wire, Blueberry Festival ’12 is among us and that means all of our hard work and training is about to pay off for race day. We have fluctuated with Saturday running attendance but remember the glory of the training program was the flexibility to know what work-outs to do and the intensity and time to run while being able to work around a personal, family, work schedule. We started with 11 participants total and I’m happy to say that the majority of the group have committed and registered for the Labor Day 5K race for this upcoming Monday 9/3! & we are super proud coaches!

For a moment, let’s get real about life and exercise, training towards a goal and having upsets with your own body or obstacles that may be out of your control and in your face. We had some Club members that were never able to make the Saturday runs due to family or work-and that’s ok! We had some runners that just fell off course, lost motivation or made excuses-and that’s ok! Some runners have experienced injury and with the coaches talked on how they should recover, stretch or improve. Regardless of what happened, they are back with the team, they did the work-outs on their own time & as best to their ability as possible and they were honest with themselves and with the Run Club. We certainly understand the need to “juggle” training time between all other responsibilities and personal needs. The bottom line is we are here for you, not just the Running Club and coaches but Fitness Forum Sports and Wellness and all that are affiliated. We truly want ‘to assist others in reaching their God given potential, especially through physical fitness and health as it relates to and sets in balance with mental and spiritual fitness’.

The group has become close-knit and encouraging towards each other; and often times after our Saturday runs we stand around and extend our stretching session just so we can finish talking about our plans for the weekend, our families, nutrition tips, etc. We have even decided to have a team dinner this Friday night at LifePlex to get “carb-loaded” for Race Day, so we’ll have our final work-out at Fitness Forum and then relax and fuel up! The group has also shown interested in continuing our Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness Run Club and we hope that if you also are intrigued in getting started with running or having a weekly team to walk/jog/run with please let us know! Otherwise we hope to be back next summer to help you prepare and train to TROMP THE STOMP!

If you have any needs, questions, suggestions or comments please post or reach out to us at Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness!!

Happy Running!

Coach Julie Rodriguez

Coach Whitney Trent



We are in Week 8 of the Fitness Forum Run Club Tromp the Stomp 5 K run training program and more than half way done with the 12 week training program! When we first began the training workouts September 3rd seemed so far away but summer is winding down and the next few weeks are going to fly.

In the past few weeks our runners have faced many challenges! The first few weeks they were full of anticipation and uncertainty over the daily training runs. As the weeks passed they became more confident in the workouts and their ability to do them. Saturday June 23rd we had a 1 mile timed run that seemed out of reach for them, but Saturday July 14th we had a 2 mile timed run and the runners were talking about how a 1 mile run was nothing! That’s the way that the program was designed; to gradually increase both distance and intensity and it has begun to pay off!

There has also been other challenges over the past 8 weeks. Some participants have had obligations with work, health issues, and injuries. That’s just how it goes sometimes; you finally get the motivation to get active and forces out of your control get in the way. We’re not going to let you get in a rut! That’s another reason to be a member of the Run Club; Julie and I are here to offer support and to keep you going!

We are half way to our fitness goals of running a 5 K and there has been too much sweat and hard work put into training to back down now. The training schedule is modifiable for these exact reasons. If you’re busy one day; it’s okay switch up the runs for time management. If you’ve been injured we want you to do some cross training or get in the pool for low-impact exercising. We’re here to talk about individual needs and we have time every week for one-on-one time. Now the work begins to refocus and rededicate ourselves. We’ll help figure out a way to keep you going and your motivation strong!

We’ve even been able to have a little fun along the way too. A couple of group runs have involved relay races with great cheering and group stretches are also amusing. I have to say I have noticed improvements in coordination and flexibility in the last few weeks and confidence and determination continue to grow. Also the t-shirt designs are in and Julie & I are excited to get them in and pass them out! The Friday before Labor Day 5 K race day we’re even going to have a group pasta dinner in preparation for the race day because we are on course to TROMP THE STOMP!

Happy Running & Cheers!


I am truly excited to give an update on the ‘Tromp the Stomp’ running program hosted by Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness.  But first to give some background information, Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness decided to offer a training program that will prepare individuals to run safely and efficiently & to challenge themselves while having a guided schedule & coaching. This is a 12-week series and each person has received a training agenda of what types of runs (mileage, intensity, etc.) should be running Monday-Friday and each Saturday morning the group will collaborate for a team run.  We are happy about the flexibility of the program and I’m sure our participants would agree it’s nice to know what you have to do for a work-out but if you are crunch on time one day-simply switch the work-out from another day of that week.  A great reason for the Saturday runs would be the increased success of having and being accountable to a buddy system, not only that but early Saturday morning the coaches offer one-on-one coaching sessions. This gives the runners an opportunity to chat with their specific coach on how the previous week of training went, if they are experiencing any difficulties (aches, pains), if they need some motivation or just a praise-the coaches are there!

The program also includes a  New Leaf Metabolic test to assess a person’s VO2 Max (volume of Oxygen).  The results from this test will inform the runner and coach on the person current cardio fitness level and detail how they should be working-out according to heart rate levels and intensities. The report also details the amount of calories a person burns as the intensity progresses, and how many calories (at each level) come from fat.  We are so excited to have this combination with New Leaf and the coaches will keep track during group runs on whether our runners are exercising at the right intensity.  The coaches for this program will be Whitney Trent, B.S. Exercise Science and Julie Rodriguez, B.S. Exercise Science. Both ladies are avid runners and stay competitive with local races, each hold a coaching position for Cross Country and Track at neighboring school corporations. Julie will lead the beginner group for 5K/15K and Whitney will coach the intermediate group for 5K/15K.

So now on to the update of the program: we had a rocky start getting this to lift on but fortunately we are up and running (literally). Due to a slight delay, Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness offered the Intro Night meeting yesterday evening at Fitness Forum conference room and had a fantastic first night. We reviewed benefits for participating in a program such as this, the challenge, the triumph, the fitness and health benefits one will notice during the course of the series. We reviewed the running schedule and what is expected from each runner.