Life is a Sport. Join the Game TODAY!

Endurance, teamwork, strength…….

These words and more mold the BIG “5” on the front of this 5th year Anniversary catalog.  These powerful words are made even stronger when molded together, much like the strength found in uniting our members, community, and our staff in celebrating the past and moving into the future.  We support your healthy lifestyle and together we strive for a healthier community.

We invite you to join us in October to celebrate 5 years at LifePlex.  You will see the BIG 5 often in contests, membership offerings, and t-shirts.  In this 5th year we continue to strive to be deserving of a 5 star rating for your experience at Fitness Forum and LifePlex.  We believe in your potential and that’s what motivates us to help you reach your goal.

We hope you are as excited as we are to be able to offer you a value added membership this season.  This new offering is designed to change your life and help you make your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and never turn back.  With a year commitment you will receive with your membership 5 services for body, mind, and spirit wellness.  Some things in life we just have to experience and we hope you will find that experience of better health right here.
Success stories are the blood in our veins.  We’d love to hear yours.  By now you know Morgan Uceny, our local Olympian.  Morgan was featured with some of you and the Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness staff in a LifePlex promotional video in 2009.  We didn’t know then of her successes we would celebrate today.  Many of you, all though you may not be on world news, have come just as far from an illness or lifestyle that was on a downward spiral.  I encourage you to reach for your God given potential.  There’s no time like today to make the next step.

What shines out beyond today to link yesterday to tomorrow?  Look at who you want to be, what you want to do, where you want to go, who you want to serve.  We hope we will be in your future.  Fitness Forum started as a risky dream in a town with no fitness facilities and very few medical services.  Today Fitness Forum  is one of only 1000 medical fitness facilities in the United States, unique in a small town and one of a few privately owned.  As we move beyond this 5 year mark, we hope to win your heart, not for our size and uniqueness, but because we have made a difference in your life and in the community.  With overweight statistics soaring to 67% of the population and lifestyle disease predicted to shorten this generation’s lifespan, we are here to turn those facts around.  Without health and energy, your work and play, dreams and purpose lose something very important – you!

Stay with us, stay healthy, “run with endurance the race that is set before us” and when the end of each day comes you will look forward to tomorrow.

Mary Holm, Owner and General Manager of Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness at LifePlex


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Comments on: "Fitness Forum at LifePlex Celebrating 5 Years of Wellness" (1)

  1. Mary Ann McGwin said:

    I started at Fitness Forum to assist in my weight loss. I’d recently lost 45lbs. and finally had enough energy to even think about exercise. What I didn’t realize was how much the exercise would benefit my quality of life. Because of poor balance and weak muscles I hadn’t been able to stand up and put on my trousers, nor stoop down and stand back up without assistance. After the first week, I could do both of these things again. I love to garden, but iit’s become more and more difficult. I talked to several of the trainers and learned which machines would strenthen my shoulders and back for raking, dragging the hose, hoeing, etc. I also was introduced to classes that would help me have better balance. I can’t wait until Spring when I expect to be able to take care of my yard and landscaping all by myself~!

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