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We are in Week 8 of the Fitness Forum Run Club Tromp the Stomp 5 K run training program and more than half way done with the 12 week training program! When we first began the training workouts September 3rd seemed so far away but summer is winding down and the next few weeks are going to fly.

In the past few weeks our runners have faced many challenges! The first few weeks they were full of anticipation and uncertainty over the daily training runs. As the weeks passed they became more confident in the workouts and their ability to do them. Saturday June 23rd we had a 1 mile timed run that seemed out of reach for them, but Saturday July 14th we had a 2 mile timed run and the runners were talking about how a 1 mile run was nothing! That’s the way that the program was designed; to gradually increase both distance and intensity and it has begun to pay off!

There has also been other challenges over the past 8 weeks. Some participants have had obligations with work, health issues, and injuries. That’s just how it goes sometimes; you finally get the motivation to get active and forces out of your control get in the way. We’re not going to let you get in a rut! That’s another reason to be a member of the Run Club; Julie and I are here to offer support and to keep you going!

We are half way to our fitness goals of running a 5 K and there has been too much sweat and hard work put into training to back down now. The training schedule is modifiable for these exact reasons. If you’re busy one day; it’s okay switch up the runs for time management. If you’ve been injured we want you to do some cross training or get in the pool for low-impact exercising. We’re here to talk about individual needs and we have time every week for one-on-one time. Now the work begins to refocus and rededicate ourselves. We’ll help figure out a way to keep you going and your motivation strong!

We’ve even been able to have a little fun along the way too. A couple of group runs have involved relay races with great cheering and group stretches are also amusing. I have to say I have noticed improvements in coordination and flexibility in the last few weeks and confidence and determination continue to grow. Also the t-shirt designs are in and Julie & I are excited to get them in and pass them out! The Friday before Labor Day 5 K race day we’re even going to have a group pasta dinner in preparation for the race day because we are on course to TROMP THE STOMP!

Happy Running & Cheers!


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  1. Julie Rodriguez said:

    We’re at Lincoln Jr. High school track this Saturday August 11 for a 7:15AM run start. We have 1/2 mile warm up; 300 meter run, 100 meter float, 400 meter recovery X 3; 1/2 mile cool down. GET READY FOR A TRACK ATTACK WITH FFSW RUN CLUB :)

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