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I am truly excited to give an update on the ‘Tromp the Stomp’ running program hosted by Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness.  But first to give some background information, Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness decided to offer a training program that will prepare individuals to run safely and efficiently & to challenge themselves while having a guided schedule & coaching. This is a 12-week series and each person has received a training agenda of what types of runs (mileage, intensity, etc.) should be running Monday-Friday and each Saturday morning the group will collaborate for a team run.  We are happy about the flexibility of the program and I’m sure our participants would agree it’s nice to know what you have to do for a work-out but if you are crunch on time one day-simply switch the work-out from another day of that week.  A great reason for the Saturday runs would be the increased success of having and being accountable to a buddy system, not only that but early Saturday morning the coaches offer one-on-one coaching sessions. This gives the runners an opportunity to chat with their specific coach on how the previous week of training went, if they are experiencing any difficulties (aches, pains), if they need some motivation or just a praise-the coaches are there!

The program also includes a  New Leaf Metabolic test to assess a person’s VO2 Max (volume of Oxygen).  The results from this test will inform the runner and coach on the person current cardio fitness level and detail how they should be working-out according to heart rate levels and intensities. The report also details the amount of calories a person burns as the intensity progresses, and how many calories (at each level) come from fat.  We are so excited to have this combination with New Leaf and the coaches will keep track during group runs on whether our runners are exercising at the right intensity.  The coaches for this program will be Whitney Trent, B.S. Exercise Science and Julie Rodriguez, B.S. Exercise Science. Both ladies are avid runners and stay competitive with local races, each hold a coaching position for Cross Country and Track at neighboring school corporations. Julie will lead the beginner group for 5K/15K and Whitney will coach the intermediate group for 5K/15K.

So now on to the update of the program: we had a rocky start getting this to lift on but fortunately we are up and running (literally). Due to a slight delay, Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness offered the Intro Night meeting yesterday evening at Fitness Forum conference room and had a fantastic first night. We reviewed benefits for participating in a program such as this, the challenge, the triumph, the fitness and health benefits one will notice during the course of the series. We reviewed the running schedule and what is expected from each runner.

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Comments on: "Tromp the Stomp Running Program" (2)

  1. I love the idea of this program. Is there a way it could be done in the water or eliptical for those of us that have bad backs.?

  2. Julie Rodriguez said:

    >Hi Dan,
    I’m glad that you are interested in this program, we have some great options to this program. Some of these work-outs could certainly be modified for type of exercise and intensity. Even though the registration for this year is closed, we’re hoping to have early registration open soon for the Tromp the Stomp 2013 training season. & I’d love to work with you on some options at Fitness Forum in the meantime! -JR

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